The World Remembers the Great War

From September 21 to November 9, 2018, Peace Quest Cape Breton (PQCB) is partnering with Cape Breton University Library to bring The World Remembers Project to our region.

Since August 2014, The World Remembers (Le Monde Se Souvient) has been helping universities, schools, councils, and other institutions and groups from 16 nations display the names of many of the nine million soldiers who perished on all sides on the Western and Eastern Fronts in Europe and far beyond.


Each week day from September 21 to November 9, CBU Library will show the names of over one million soldiers who died in 1918, including over 20,000 Canadians, in the most brutal total warfare ever seen or suffered. Free supplementary guides will explore and document diverse Canadian and other experiences, civilian as well as military, of a conflict we forget, neglect, or glorify at our peril.


The display was launched in the CBU Library Lounge on September 21, UN International Day of Peace, with remarks by Sean Howard, adjunct professor of political science at CBU and Campaign Coordinator for Peace Quest Cape Breton.


For more information on The World Remembers, see

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